Winning Features

Clint’s Ready Horse Factor ® can and will predict win, place and show contenders! Exacta & Trifecta Opportunities Revealed!

Races Overview Page. Presents the following data: Race #, Number of Horses, Purse, Maidens or 2 Yr Olds, Distance, Track Type, Non-winner of 2 races, RHF Selected Races

Race information Page. Presents all the following data for In-Depth Horse Performance Analysis: Highest Bris, Lifetime Earnings, Last 3 Finishes, ML Odds, Clint’s RHF Factor #, Superiority Variant, SV better than field, Highest Bris for race surface, Highest Bris on Turf, Highest Bris at Today’s Distance, Betting Advice, Lifetime Win %, Lifetime In The Money, and Lifetime ROI on $2 Bet

Graph for each Race shows the following Data: RHF Factor # and Superiority Variant. Presented in graphical form for Quick and Easy Analysis. Shows Exotic Wagering Opportunities (Trifecta example shown above)

Betting Summary Page records and calculates the following Data: Race results, Bet Type, Wagered Amount, Winnings, Profit, ROI, Exotic Wagers, Exotic Profit and ROI, Winners, % Winners, In The Money, % In The Money, Total Profit and ROI

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